Slides for “okio”

I’ve recently talked about okio, a modern I/O API for Java by Square, Inc. at Retty Tech Cafe #6, a small study conference for developers in Japan at Retty, Inc.

In my talk, I briefly talked about the history of okio(how and why it was developed), the basics of okio and extra tips such as what does “ok” in okio or OkHttp mean.

okio allows you to process binary data very easily; in fact, much easier than any other fundamental classes or decorated classes available in or java.nio packages. For example, you can treat binary data as a value, just like how you treat character data as String value, using ByteString.

On my speaker deck description I have written down all of the references that I have looked up to so if you are interested in okio I think those references could help you understand more about it.

If you find any mistakes or concerns with my keynote, please feel free to contact me at any time.