3 Things I started willing to achieve through DroidKaigi 2016


It’s been few days since DroidKaigi 2016, and I’ve decided to write down 3 things that I started willing to achieve through DroidKaigi 2016.

1. Get involved in helping people improve English skills

At DroidKaigi, I’ve learned that there are many people who are willing to learn or make their English skills better; to be honest I was a little bit worried about attendees not being interested in the talks of developers from outside of Japan just because it might be hard to understand English talks. And yet, there were actually so many attendees listening to the talks of developers from outside of Japan that actually filled up the entire room almost every time.

Also, some developers I know felt sorry and be frustrated about themselves since they could not communicate fluently with developers from outside of Japan as they wished.

As I was studying abroad when I was a student, I believe there is something that I can do to help people improve their English skills (and the one myself as well..), so the very first thing that I will start to do is to get involved in improving Japanese English skills. I do not have a sold, efficient idea yet, but I hope I can do something about it.

I’ve made a random repository for collecting some ideas to help people improve their English skills(maybe I should rename the repository soon.), so if you have any sharable idea for it, feel free to open an issue at any time, at any language! (of course in 日本語 as well!)

2. More talks to attend, and more speaking up

I was surprised how speakers talks and presentations were amazingly great, including both developers in Japan and outside of Japan. Although some speakers mentioned that they could’ve done better in their blog post, I believe attending such an big event like DroidKaigi as a speaker is already worth praised. I was really moved and admired, so I’d like to be the one next year, so I gotta start practicing from now.

3. More output on GitHub

At DroidKaigi 2016, there was an official app released just for this event. It was open sourced in the stage of development, and many developers in Japan had actually communicated, made PR and contributed on GitHub. (I’ve contributed just a tiny bit as well!) It was very refreshing and interesting for me, but those developers who were the owner of the repository, and the key developers who were heavily maintaining the repository, it would’ve been a hard work. I’d like to say thank you for making such an amazing opportunity for Android developers throughout Japan to gather, communicate and develop something together. It was really something unique opportunity for me and others as well, and it motivated me to have effort on development even more.

Also, in most talks that I’ve listened to, there were specific repositories that the speakers had created just for their talks, and I was amazed about that as well. It helps people understand the content that they talked even later through reading and modifying the codes as well, and getting ready not the slides but those concrete and steady source codes on GitHub is not an easy task I guess. It was inspiring and I was moved by those wonderful developers, therefore, I’d like to have open sourced project as well, maybe starting from making tinily useful IntelliJ plugin..?


In conclusion, DroidKaigi was worth attending and for those of you who could not attend the even this time, I believe there will be all Youtube videos available by the end of this month or the beginning of next month, and most slides are already available online or through the official DroidKaigi app so do check it out.

Again, DroidKaigi is definitely worth attending, so do buy early-bird ticket next year for sure!

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