Why evil code is evil

※ This post is a reproduction of なぜひどいコードを書いてはいけないか - hitode909の日記; it is originally written in Japanese, and in this blog post, it is translated into English. The reason why I did so is because..

  1. as I have thought it would be great to be shared to more developers
  2. for my self reproach

Why evil code is evil

Having said that, how evil the code is, you cannot blame anyone. Whether you or your co-workers, or maybe your technical team leaders write the code, what matters is to say “This may not be the best output.” to something evil as a software, and this does not mean you can blame someone who writes the evil code. It is just the view of the world where the very best co-workers and tech-friends write the code, which is sometimes astonishing one which is capable of solving very difficult or itchy problems, or sometimes evil one.

Evil code may have been a very astonishing code when it was written. Yet, as both the industry and the software grow for the better, and users start willing more and more products with higher quality, someday, the quality and the level of the code may get recognized as lower than what it is supposed to be. Anything that has a shape will be demolished someday. How the code you are reading is evil, it used to be astonishing and working hard just other code does, so let us just be grateful for the code that will be rewritten or refactored 😇

Original blog post: なぜひどいコードを書いてはいけないか - hitode909の日記