My way of consciously listening to English


I’ve learned that if you have a nightmare about English then you are in a process of getting used to English.

The best way to get used to English is not to stop using / interacting with it, and in order to do so, how to interact with English is important.

If you can listen to and understand what people say in English, it will make you comfortable and not afraid of using English.

Here is the list of english videos / podcast that I watch or listen to in order to get used to English, mainly for listening, because those are something interesting to me. I believe if the content is interesting to you then it will never be a pain to listen to it.

TED talks

I often listen to featured ones or ones from Technology, Inspiring categories.

Steve Jobs

How he talks English is very easy to listen to and clear, so listening to it may be appropriate for improving your listening skill.

Fragmented podcast

As an Android developer, I consciously try to listen to it; from tiny tips and talks from various developers to narrow focused talk about Rx… robust content in very good quality.

It’s jut a matter of getting used to it

I’ve been surprised how developers around me understand the content of tech article that is written in English although they often do not fully understand every single word of the article.

English is just a bunch of groups of patterns and contexts. All it matters is you get used to it. I hope there will be more Japanese who can at least understand the basics of English and they do want to understand more, as it is worth learning and fairly easy to master if you just let yourself be in the environment where using English is necessary for your every-day-life so that you can get used it.