A happy new year everyone!


If I were to express 2015 as one word, it would be … failure, frustration, setback, and catastrophe.

I was so useless in almost anything, and I was very rude and impolite to others. I was / am someone who can’t be helped.

I realized how I was lucky to do a lot of things that I wanted to do; to keep in touch with my healthy and cheerful family and relatives, to go abroad and see different things, to come back to Japan, to live safe, to work as a developer at current workplace.

I realized how I was lucky to have such smart, keen, and warm people around me and get help from them when needed.

And yet, I could not do very well at work(to say it mindly). I was not in my zone at all, and I did nothing. I was just a deadwood. Total catastrophe.

However, there were things I did for the first time, and that made me think or feel new things that I have never encountered before; I went to NY as part of my job for the first time, and listened to a lot of well-known engineers around the world present and speak. I did 21km marathon, went climbing and stayed inside the tent at night. I met a lot of new people / developers in Tokyo. I talked about AppIndexing API at tiny conference for Japanese Android / iOS engineers. I got new people to work with for my project. I didn’t get any serious diseases or sickness at all. I was lucky and everything was great in 2015 in that way.


Here are the list of things I want to do and I want to become:

  1. Be a developer through EVERY DAY output of blogging and development
  2. Be healthy through work out (No more ‘oh you are too skinny~!’ gain muscle and gain weight!)
  3. Be Japanese (learn history and know about Japan / Japanese)

2016 is the year of the Monkey in Japan; this is the year I was born.

My motto for 2016 is,

Being healthy always comes first. Be modest and be robust.

Once again, a happy new year everyone!