Yamabuki Suigen at Ubuyama village in Aso city, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan


Suigen(水源) is a Japanese word which means a fountainhead.

If you’ve seen the movie called ‘Princess Mononoke(もののけ姫)’, made by one of the most famous movie directors in Japan, Hayao Miyazaki, the view may be familiar to you. Although the place was not referred for making his movie, I strongly felt there is a similarity between these two places.

yamabuki-suigen2 yamabuki-suigen3

I was pretty ashamed that I have not been this place before although I was born and raised here in Aso city, Kumamoto, Japan. It was amazing, and for those of who are visiting Kumamoto prefecture, Japan, I strongly recommend that you guys visit this place for sure; it’s worth visiting. Clean, fresh air from vast amount of trees, with astonishing extensive sky, and pure, chilly natural water. Everything was great!

yamabuki-suigen4 yamabuki-suigen5

In Ubuyama village, there is another fountainhead called Ikeyama Suigen, and since both Yamabuki and Ikeyama Suigens are quite near to each other, I strongly recommend that you visit both, or if you were to choose either one for visiting, just visit Yamabuki Suigen! :)