3 Things I learned at droidcon NYC 2015

So it’s been already more than 2 weeks now since droidcon NYC 2015. I’ve been trying to write what I learned there, but it always became somehow redundant; most of the talks and slides are already uploaded on the Internet, and so I was seeking to write something different.

3 Things I learned at droidcon NYC 2015

Then I decided to write 3 things I think were very meaningful or interesting to me the most at droidcon NYC 2015. Not necessarily the content of the talk or Android specific, but how I felt or realized through the experience of attending this event.



I have realized some speakers mention this when they talk about specific and tiny implementation to make not meaningful, yet tiny improvement on their application. You can notice that Jake also has mentioned this word several times at least from what I know, at the talk at droidcon NYC 2015 about Retrofit 2, or some other talks about improving app’s performance, like this video below:

There is this quite popular lessoning phrase in Japanese:

Heaps of dust often makes a mountain in time

It can be choosing Moshi over GsonConverter as a Retroift 2 JSON converter if you do not care much about how to convert your JSON data; in every single HTTP call there is a difference; even a tiny heap of dust. I thought it is quite important to care about and I know it is not super easy to push myself to always do so.


At Day 1 there was this talk from the first CTO of NYC, Minerva Tantoco, that NYC is having the tech competition, which aims to solve some of the issues that the city currently has through technology, with its civilians’ involvement and help. I was quite moved when I heard that and instantly tweeted to let other people know about it. I don’t even know this sort of event has ever done in Japan, from towns, cities, .. What a win-win situation there. Also there was this talk session that how Android engineers at the event can involve in helping others, making the world better, in general, which of course is not so common to happen in any technical events or conferences held in Japan. And people just say what they think or how they feel, which is the ability that Japanese, including me, is seriously lack of. I felt “Oh, this is what I like and what people outside of Japan inspire me about”.


I got to know many engineers around the world who are very motivated and excited about what they are doing in their work, and also feel like that they are doing just the right; just like Jake is. To be honest, I didn’t know many Android engineers who is influential, meaning they inspire me and others through OSS or creating some amazing apps, other than people from Square or maybe people from Google. But there were many engineers who are confident and influential, and just get to know the names of these people, follow Twitter listen to their talks, I thought I was worth coming there and I was just so lucky to be the one.


If there is other opportunity for me to attend any event or conference of Android technology in specific, I would like to attend there, not just I am just a lucky dude but because I deserve it.